About company

Multiclub is the result of a serious analysis of the western market and the Club Leisure his careful “tuning” to the needs of the Russian market and CIS countries. Multiclub took all the best that invented the system and Leisure Club has excluded from it, those mechanisms which, although quite successful in the West, it is not suitable for the Russian matrix relaxation.
It’s no secret that the rest managed to win the Club is not only a good reputation in Russia, while remaining at the peak of demand and the relevance of the western world. We have long realized that the secret of this imbalance – in the different approaches people from different countries to the rest: because of the frequency of rest, its duration and the habits of a formula depends entirely on vacation.

Terms of holiday planning

Frantic pace of our lives and seasonal variability of the proposals so changed the attitude of Russians to the time compared to Westerners, what to plan rest for a few months, very few people come to mind. The optimal period for which the resident chooses CIS ticket – this month, agree? If the usual tourist nonsense, then it stops the rest of Club the most attractive option to him – the exchange of resorts. As you well know, the essence of the Club suggests the possibility of leisure travel anywhere within the system of exchange of the certificates in any of the periods of use of the club rest. But the big international exchange system rather clumsy – in favor of shorter terms for exchanging quality suffers resort that offers an alternative, which means that, by exchanging your resort quickly, you always find yourself in the red.
Assessing the possibility Spacebank – sharing systems resorts – in rapid exchange, we made a policy decision to withdraw from cooperation with such systems and establish a system of direct interaction with the resorts, which allows to reduce the exchange time by 5-6 times. Multiclub – a resort management system that allows you instantly provide their customers with an adequate alternative to the holiday resorts within the network, outside the system.
Multiclub network today covers about 50 resorts in more than 25 most popular tourist destinations around the world and allows you to choose the selling option on almost every taste. For the rapid exchange, we tend to use the reserve apartments each of the resorts, which allows us even during periods of peak usage resorts offer to holders of certificates of our most successful choices. Statistics of world club systems shows that even in the presence of hundreds of resorts in the catalog and more of 90% of tourists go 15-20 the most comfortable and economical ways. Therefore, our catalog, though not in competition with catalogs Spacebank in scope, yet fully meets the tastes and predilections Russian tourist activists. He has one more unquestionable bonus – the choice resort of all the country’s directory, you can drive around for free.